Technology Services

Our expertise is making technology work for you through infrastructure design, implementation, and maintenance with levels based on your desired pace and frequency reflecting your IT needs.

Consulting Services

Your business is our focus. The choices of the right technology and the proper use of that technology can make your business more competitive, more efficient, and more profitable.

Why Work with Us?

Reduce your costs and improve business efficiency. We present clear, understandable options to eliminate   frustration and make using technology a more productive experience.

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Proactive Maintenance

We offer many proactive services to ensure the smooth operation of your technology. We have many steps to proactively maintain the systems, but the most common ones we do are below:

- Email cleanup

- Cleaning of hardware

- Power protection

- Server maintenance

- Operating system updates

- Driver updates

- Service releases/patches

- Internet communication



Preventative Services

Our preventative services include:

- Firewall installation and monitoring

- Workspace inspection

- License compliance



Security Analysis

Our security analysis services include:

- Virus protection

- Controlled access for infrastructure

- SPAM blocking services

- Addressing adware/spyware



Remote Access

Our Remote access services include:

- Migration of information to Remote Access Server

- Error Logs and Auditing



Data Protection

We provide data protection services including:

- Regular data backups

- Backup integrity

- Data recovery / redundancy

- Archiving



Virtual Office Set-Up

We have the ability to set up virtual offices for our clients with the following services:

- Mobile phone linking

- Login set-up to central systems

- User accounts



Consulting Services

We provide both technical and business consulting services including:

- Growth analysis

- Implementation of efficiency practices

- Technical consulting

- Training



Moving/Relocation of Technology

We provide both moving and relocation of technology services including

- Set-up of Virtual offices